Why become a ham?

Amateur Radio is an interesting and stimulating hobby enjoyed by millions worldwide. The entry level Foundation License continues to be the most popular way of getting into amateur radio. It is attracting people who have had some previous hobby radio communications interest (CB, 4WD, Scanner Listener) and others who are attracted to ham radio for the first time.

The entry level license can be gained with a modest amount of study, often over a couple of weekends of Training including the Examination. Further study can lead to a Standard License or an Advanced License opening up greater opportunities through more bands, and more transmission modes. Gone too is the requirement to gain proficiency in Morse code for HF operation. The decision to make the move to amateur radio is really easy. Do something different this year – became an active radio amateur.

There are a couple of ways to get in touch with us.

If you are an Amateur Radio operator, there will often be someone listening on the VK3RMM repeater on Mount Macedon. You’re more likely to strike someone in the evenings and on weekends, but you never know!

Please visit us on one of our meeting days at the Woodend RSL, Anslow Street Woodend, or at Gisborne CFA.

You can also write to us at PO Box 10, Gisborne, Victoria, 3437, Australia. Please remember that we’re a club, not a business, and it may take a little time for us to answer your letter.

An email to which addresses the criteria on the pdf found here can also be used. (Or scan and forward the completed form.)

Membership Application form: PDF, Word.