MRARC has a large number of members who have recently acquired D-Star radios and education seminars, one formal and a couple of informal, have been held at the club rooms.

Use of the ID-51 radios gps to locate local repeaters has been enhanced by a database which contains most VK repeaters analog and DV and their coordinates.

A csv copy of that list is here:  rpt20170111_03  (VK7RAC coords  show Table Cape)

Contact Brian vk3ccr@gmail.com with updates for this list.

1.      Dstar users must be registered via http://www.dstar.org.au/operating/registration/  You must be registered before attempting to use reflectors. Without registration you will be restricted to just the radio repeater you’re on.

2.      An overview of Dstar communications can be seen on this YouTube video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sOyY3FPZ65k

3.      An excellent User Guide compiled by David Tilson and Richard can be found here : http://www.dstar.org.au/Australian_D-Star_Repeater_Linking_User_Guide_V1.1.pdf 

4.      A very informative ‘Newby’s Guide’ by Susan VK3ANZ can be read at your leisure. http://www.dstar.org.au/wp-content/uploads/2015/02/Newbies-Guide-to-D-Star-V2.01.pdf

Have fun!