New station: “Shortwave Australia”

In the afternoons and evenings, listen out for a new shortwave broadcast station calling itself “Shortwave Australia”. Transmitting from a site north of Bendigo, the station can be heard on 2310khz and 4835khz.


Good reception here at Drummond, particularly on 4835.

Chief Engineer, Dave, notes that reception is quite variable and often 4835 dies at dusk when 2310 might be better.

Good reception is often available via the excellent KiwiSDR at Ironstone Range in South Australia.

Programming is an eclectic mix of old and new music serving as content while transmitters and antennas are optimised and propagation is investigated.

There are few announcements but the station ident says it’s “broadcasting to the inland and the islands” – something that Radio Australia used to say.

It’s great to hear a new shortwave broadcast station in Australia.

Story by Peter, VK3TPM