Meeting discusses Class Licensing implications

Saturday’s meeting primarily discussed the ramifications of the proposal by ACMA to change the way Amateur radio operators are licensed from next year.

The ACMA proposal combines a relatively minor change regarding higher power operation along with a fundamental change to licensing.

We urge you to read the proposal and the draft response being prepared by the WIA.

Also if you’re a member of the WIA, please complete the survey you should have been sent in an email.

Further, the WIA is asking those in the Australian radio amateur community who are non-members to register, join-in and have your say in the WIA’s survey.

You can register by sending an email to this address

Putting just your call sign in the Subject field as this is used to reference the ACMA RRL Database. (Or your full name if you are not licenced)

Current exam service not great

Richard, a new member:

  • Sat the foundation exam on 26-Oct-22.
  • Notified of his mark (100%) on 16-Nov-22
  • Received his certificate on 23-Nov-22
  • Callsign in ACMA database on 24-Nov-22 (but status “not granted”)
  • License granted on 1-Dec-22

It’s hard to precisely know why it takes four weeks and where the delay is but it doesn’t seem like a high level of service.