Meeting at Woodend Saturday 21st October 2023

Hi Everybody,

The next club meeting is this Saturday at the Woodend RSL, Woodend.

The feature presentation will be an overview of Trunk radio by Hugo Steiner and Peter Marks.

Trunk radio is built on open standards offering government and emergency service users a migration path while avoiding single vendor technical lock-in.

Hugo and Peter will talk about the various standards including analogue trunk, P25 phase 1 and phase 2.

The talk will include a demonstration of the amazing, free, SDRTrunk software that can use SDR receivers including the low cost RTLSDR dongles to listen in to local trunk radio. Peter will show a Uniden trunk capable scanner. They’ll also talk about how to find frequencies in our area.

With a possible bad fire season on the way it’s a good time to learn about how to monitor your local CFA communications.

After the meeting members are invited to attend lunch at one of the many eating places in town.

Graeme VK3NE,
Secretary, MRARC.