If you have the space, try a full wave loop antenna

Quite a few members of the club live on larger blocks of land and have the space to experiment with big antennas. I’m fortunate to be on five acres with many trees so put up a full wave length antenna cut for 80m.

It’s not a thing of beauty, it just meanders around a few trees and is held up with paracord at each corner.

I cut 82m of wire, strung it up, and then started shortening the loop until it was resonant within the 80m band. The loop is driven with a 4:1 balun and works pretty well on several bands, in particular 40m and 10m. Here’s the SWR plot done with a nanoVNA and NanoVNASaver software on Linux.

Comparing 80m reception with a half wave dipole using WSPR seems to show it is about the same SNR but it is convenient having a multi-band antenna like this.