Welcome to MRARC

It’s all about Amateur Radio, Electronics, Short Wave listening and just simply having fun for us. We’re a collegial club, and welcome new members.

If there’s anything we can do that will help raise the profile of Amateur Radio while still being lots of fun, we’ll do it!

The club commenced formation in November 2009 with a steering committee of local amateurs with a combined 100 years experience as licenced amateurs. There’s been a need for an Amateur Radio Club in the Macedon Ranges for some time, and the time was felt to be right now.

The club intends to be focused on the promotion of radio, electronics and technology. We’re interested in not just maintaining Amateur Radio, but growing it’s numbers and profile. Part of this will be to help as many people as possible into Amateur Radio through running Foundation Class courses. The club expects to be active with JOTA/JOTI where possible. The Club may also assist other community organisations should a request for assistance be made.

Postal Address:  PO Box 10, Gisborne, Victoria, 3437

QSL inwards/outwards: Gary Greer, VK3GSG

Membership matters:  membership@mrarc.org.au

Financial matters: treasurer@mrarc.org.au

Office bearers

President:       Graeme VK3FCDO
V/President:   David VK3KR
Secretary:       Graeme VK3NE
Treasurer:      Jim VK3KA
Ordinary Committee Members: Alan VK3FABT, Joe VK3FJBA, Peter VK3TQ, Richard VK3JFK