Chef dazzles at club Christmas party

The weather has been strangely cold for where we are in summer but the RSL kindly lit the fire and we warmed ourselves with tasty treats skilfully prepared by the chef who was determined not to open himself to allegations of overcooking that arose last year.

Delicious food was plentiful – our compliments to the chef!

Joe gave a talk about the “integrated technology” unit which final year students can do in Victoria. He showed a prize winning project which involved Arduinos reading an ultrasonic distance sensor to determine water depth in a tank and then calculate the volume of water available.

Joe has a role at the state level in directing the program.

The level of technology demonstrated in this student’s project were amazing and I imagine that teachers who can understand all this would be extremely rare and libel to being snapped up by the manufacturing industries.

Members and guests warmed themselves by the lovely fire.

It was a relaxed and friendly meeting and we look forward to seeing you all again after the Christmas madness is over.