Well attended AGM

It was a cold drizzly day but 20 members and 2 visitors attended and enjoyed a warm venue.

Result of the elections:

Office bearers:

President Joe and Secretary Graeme start the AGM

President, Joe VK3MAB
V/President, Graeme VK3CDO
Secretary, Graeme VK3NE
Treasurer, Barry VK3BRT

Ordinary committee members:
Peter VK3PRC
Peter VK3TPM (Webmaster)
Stephen VK3QD
(Stephen has since resigned from the committee for personal reasons. We thank Stephen for his previous 3 years on committee as treasurer)

The membership subscriptions for the 2023/24 financial year have been increased by $10 for all categories of membership. These now become:

  • Full membership $40
  • Concession/Student/Associate $35
  • Family $50

The setting of the subscriptions took longer that the elections.
The original motion was that the fees remain the same as last year. After a lot of discussion this motion was put and lost. A second motion that the fees be increased by $10 was put and carried.
(It was noted that there has never been an increase in fees since the club started in 2010)

A light luncheon of warm party pies and sausage rolls were brought out at the end of the meeting and enjoyed by all.

Graeme VK3NE,
Secretary, MRARC.

There were some brief presentations on a home brew morse practice set with an Arduino that displayed the keyed code and a talk on the sBitx software defined transceiver.

After the formal meeting a delicious lunch was served but some of us went outside to un-bog VK3GX’s car.