Aerial Construction techniques

Graeme VK3NE.

From the archives: At the April 2011 meeting, Joe VK3GFA and Graeme VK3NE discussed and answered questions about construction techniques for both VHF and HF antennas. They displayed a range of examples.

Some of members present, were aware of the so called “Plumbers Delight” construction, which made use of soldered copper water pipe to make VHF aerials. Joe took this approach one step further and demonstrated his “Electrician’s Delight” which made use of plastic electrical conduit and various fittings – together with insulated “earth wire” for the aerial elements!

Joe VK3GFA and his Electrician’s Delight

Plenty of notes were taken by an appreciative audience at the Woodend Scout Hall.

Attentive Audience

Story & Pictures by Peter VK3RV