2023 Annual General Meeting

19 Members and 2 visitors were in attendance for the meeting and the presentation by Peter VK3RV.

Joe and Barry slaved over a hot oven to produce some great finger food to conclude the day’s events.

The following members were elected to the committee for the 2023/24 year:

President: Joe Balassa VK3MAB.
Vice President: Graeme Wilson VK3FCDO.
Secretary: Graeme McDiarmid VK3NE.
Treasurer: Barry Theodore VK3BRT
John Bell VK3JCB.
Peter Cooper VK3PRC
Peter Marks VK3TPM
Hugo Steiner VK3HUG

Membership subscriptions for the 2024/25 financial year remain the same as for 2023/24.

Graeme VK3NE,
Secretary, MRARC.

Photos by Peter, VK3PRC