Meeting at Woodend Saturday 18th Feb 2023

Hi Everyone,

The next club meeting, 18 Feb 23, will be an opportunity for club members to bring along equipment they wish to sell. The entire time will be devoted to display and selling on the day.

The club has some donated gear that will be auctioned.

Members may choose to sell at a fixed price or participate in the auction.

If you have any items you would like to sell and want to advertise them I am prepared to put out a list to members prior to the date of the meeting. I anticipate putting out the meeting notice on the Wednesday prior to the meeting. (15 Feb 23)
(Please send any lists in Word format so I can cut and paste)

Rules of engagement:
1.  The club will not be responsible for the condition or functioning of said equipment.
2.  Any unsold items brought to the meeting must be removed at the end of the sale.
3.  All Items purchased must be taken away, as the club does not have room to store them.

Graeme VK3NE,
Secretary, MRARC.